So I’m seriously considering getting a dreamcatcher tattoo

I had one when I was little, it would be kind of like a protection symbol for me, and I really like how they look. I know I would want it on my left side, from the bottom of my bra to my waistline. Now to find a good sketch of one because I can’t draw for my life. Thoughts?

  1. cycling-ginger answered: If you find a good artist they should be able to sketch out a great one for you!!
  2. cogsgears said: If you don’t have Native ancestry, I’d do some research on cultural appropriation before making a firm decision.
  3. lionstigersandme answered: That’s an awesome idea! You should post the picture of the one that you decide on! I think it’d look great:)
  4. sweatingmyasoff answered: Do it! Just google the idea or look on
  5. shwauren answered: you could have the strings spell out something pretty, or have falling feathers with it
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